Filling some gaps in my attachment hole – Day 1!

Day One. Introduction

Our attachments are formed from the moment we are conceived. Allah swt says our attachment begins in this life as Alaq, a clot clinging or attached (v2 Surah Alaq). We attach to another human being within a rahma (womb, also translated as mercy), of protection, warmth, substance and love. So the attachment begins to this life and each encounter the new human formation receives through blood, nutrients or the senses; the development of the body, mind and soul begins.

As we cling to our mothers within the womb we forget our natural inclination to remember whom created us first, but this is the purpose of our existence, to reunite us. The caregivers, chosen and created to teach us how to reunite us with this innate knowledge sometimes do, sometimes don’t and this is their test amongst many.

Early attachment is so integral to forming a relationship with Allah swt. If the attachment is damaged so to our journey is to him. Over the following weeks, months and how ever long it takes me, I will attempt to piece together my journey so far as a person who has an a attachment hole. My aim is to try and fill this hole with something I think I know it needs, but that somehow I find the most difficult to achieve ; certainty, servitude and fulfilment of my heart to the one who created me, Allah swt.

Im sure i will make mistakes, and if i write with an air of certainty know that its there to convince me not you!

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