How do you Look after Yourself?


(Mine is to look out to the sea and admire the artwork of Allah) 

😔 ahh the highs and lows of faith, the struggle to submit, the battle for consistency. Our day begins at dawn, for some they spring up to the Adthan and prostrate to their Lord, for others it’s a struggle to climb out of the pit!

Our days and nights can be governed by our own negativity within our Nafs (self) our mission? To train ourselves to be led by the soul , a soul filled with remembrance of Allah and guided by His book and messengers.

All well and good but how the heck can we get to that level of the Nafs?

Well good news is we are not alone, just look at the contributions to the Inspirited Mind “look after yourself” campaign, so many words of encouragement and wisdom in our community

heres my tips  “Look After Yourself- Connection after  Isolation



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