A Witness for Everlasting Love

My Lord, whom i belong to
my love whom i seek refuge into
our troubles are deep and so great
i barely see any one walk straight
We don’t know what exactly to do
the price for our sinful life and iniquity
is finally coming due
the prophet future prophecies and foretelling
are all coming very clear and true
The world around me is crumbling
with yes to all what is evil
and to what is godly it says no
no safe place can be any more found
the good people are losing the ground
it is people worship people
they just follow the flow
desires and the ease of life
their state is very scary and low
it is very blinding and profound
the good one losing the ground
the earth is getting narrower
filled with falsehood doubt
what is right is so wrong,
evil became their song
the bad is getting very strong
it is a negative heartless show
it makes my mind blow
the wrong is now what is right;
even the Muslims divided
they failed, they curse and fight
they lost all the clarity
they live with shortest sight
my Lord, it is you we need
Your guiding light indeed
your word for us to lead
To save us out of here;
to safety away from fear
the desires deviating people
the money their life steer
however my lord and master
I’ll focus on your path
i will walk in your holy book
and back i wont even look
the truth in my daily life
have spoken and the falsehood shook
i will call unto you alone
i will seek refuge from wrath,
temptations of this illusion
the doubts, suffer and confusion
this low and the dying world
the pain of the struggling sword
i ruled it out and let it go;
i walked your path with surety
maybe i love insanity
maybe i am very slow
but my reliance is on you
for you are here the master
its owner and its sustainer
i trust in you in full
i will be steady and still
i love you and only you i seek
you are the strong and powerful
i am the needy and weak
let me become the witness
a witness for everlasting love

Sheikh Anon

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