The Good, the Bad and the Deranged!


What a beautiful evening! The September sun gives sweetness in the air and a cool breeze reminds me autumn is here.

A reflective moment to gather my thoughts, digest the day, the week, the year. Okay just the day! Four children doesn’t leave me much time to reflect away!

But I do take snippets of time to pause, and when I do I breath deep and my eyes tingle and sting at my flaws.

The effect of repetitive worldly issues flash through tv sets , newsfeeds and on paper, its just another day, nothings changed.

War, loss, anger, sadness, guilt, oppression; the combined mixture of emotions is just angst and repression.

‘just?’ well it’s a consistent reoccurrence , I’m becoming desensitised to the lack of political reassurance.

World leaders, politicians, corporations and cults. A bombardment of anti-religious insults.


A community teacher has just expressed how emotionally turbulent our lives have become. We receive texts, emails, social media newsfeeds giving us good news then bad, It was heart warming and a reminder to what we once had.

We once were examples of the best of mankind but now were all hypocrites leaving our Quran behind.

Okay they’re not all hypocrites, perhaps just me, so what do I do with myself I plea?

I look at my children whom I just fed, soon they’ll have bubble bath and then off to bed!

I get angry and cross when they ask me for gifts for Eid, ‘how could you ask me when there are so many in need?’

But its not their fault, its mine, I just need to teach them until the end of my time.

So what do I teach them? What’s the objective? Where’s the end?

I shall start with, forgiveness and empathy in the hope it will mend.

For this is not a new subject, its been told a thousand times, but today there are renewed intentions for the sake of mankind.

By  mum/therapist/believer in hope!

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