Ruqyah Rogues & Fake Sheikhs

Google search jinn possession or ruqyah healing and your bombarded with websites of rogue practitioners charging money for innovated practices of Ruqyah. There are websites set up , claiming to offer sunnah healing also training for anyone to become a ruqyah practitioner. On further investigation these narcissistic rogues have multiple businesses  and other questionable qualifications. Rogue Ruqies can cause serious problems to their clients, sometimes as serious as death (BBC 2012).


If someone is charging money to recite Quran for you, sell  a Quran tape/cd to play of ‘protection verses’, spray water or vinegar over you, tap you with a stick, shout at you to expel the jinn! then he/she is probably a fake sheikh!

However , there are knowledgeable people out there making it their mission to educate vulnerable people on the evils of this shirk (association with other than Allah swt). If you feel vulnerable, frightened or exposed to Magic, evil eye, hatred or evil Jinn then read the information below on protection and seek professional guidance and support from a registered psychotherapist, mental health practitioner, counsellor, GP (physical), or holistic therapist (Hijama/cupping).

Below is reference to a discussion on  Ruqyah and the warning signs of these fake sheikhs.

The Profession of Ruqyah-Giving

Some people have turned ruqyah-giving into a profession for which they devote their full time, and from which they earn a lot of money. This conflicts with the Sunnah and the practice of the salaf. It should be avoided by both the giver (called a reciter or a raqi) and the seeker of ruqyah. Some of the reasons for its prohibition are the following:

The common people think that the reciter has a special healing power, thereby turning their minds from the True Healer and His words to the one who recites them. This is a clear source of shirk.

We have no reports of any of the sahabah and salaf devoting their time to offer this service. This makes it a bid’ah in the Din.

When the devils realize the common people’s fascination by a particular person, they do things to cause deviation to him and them. This is clearly expressed in the above discussion that took place between Ibn Mas’ud and his wife.

When a reciter finds the people gathering at his door seeking his help, he would imagine that he has a high status before Allah, and would be drawn into vanity and conceit.

Most of the reciters have a poor knowledge of the Sunnah, which makes them claim or do things that have no basis in Islam.

Since this profession is a good source of income, it attracts many impostors and liars who claim that they can treat people, thereby adding to the spread of ignorance, falsehood, and shirk.(ref Ruqyah Sharia)

Have Trust in Allah swt and his Given Tools for Healing; the Quran and Sunnah. 

  • Seek knowledge of your deen (religion)
  • Seek knowledge of your condition (self awareness of your issues is key to taqwa)
  • Seek knowledge of others (educate yourself on Allahs creation, for there are ayat everywhere)
  • Strengthen your belief in Allah through reflection and practices (Based on Qur’aan, Sunnah,prayer, supplication, remembrance)
  • Aim for  sincerity in worshipping Allah and check your intentions in all situtuations
  • Strive towards pleasing Allah, ask your self ‘will this please Allah?’
  • Avoid  unlawful places and situations that can lead to what is forbidden, for example isolating himself with a female/male , etc.
  • Keep trust and confidentiality. Guard the affairs of his friends and family and self and protect their secrets.(speaking with a counsellor/trusted sheikh who gives counselling is permissible for self healing and protection)
  • Practice and propagate the religion of Allah. seek knowledge of Islam and other world affairs, learn, practice and teach.
  • Seek the way of the Messenger and follow the correct methodology of tazkiyah (Quranic self development)
  • Aim to Recite, read and reflect and apply the Quran in your daily life
  • Give optional charity and help others, even if it is with a smile.
  • Seek forgiveness from Allah swt (tawbah) and Forgive yourself and others (know and reflect what you are asking forgiveness for and seek the reasons why)
  • Aim to know Allah in order to attain complete sincerity and belief in the unity of Allah, The Wise, The Judge. He is harmed by nothing and nothing benefits him. glory be to Him and He is above all things – (Ibn Qayyim 2/238-245)

A Prophetic Approach to Change @ Salaam Solutions

Salaam Solutions provides a unique approach to counselling and psychotherapy; Transactional Analysis for diagnosing the sate of the self i.e. the Nafs  and Tazzkiyah for self transformation and change.


Tazzkiyah is an ancient concept based on; gradual, personal, social and spiritual development using the Quran as a guide. However research, application and teaching the Quran in this way is not as practiced as it once was (Noesis 2016). Centuries of misinterpretation and misuse of the Quran has resulted in a spiritual deficit in Muslims and a distorted worldview of Islam. Our concern at Salaam Solutions is based on treating the psycho-spiritual self , i.e.; purification of the Nafs.

Transactional Analysis psychotherapy is a western based model for diagnosis, and is a helpful tool to aid self awareness of the content and function of our Nafs (personality and self).  Once self awareness (muraqaba) begins then thus begins the Tazzkiyah journey of elevation and self purification.  Tazzkiyah is presented as a form of psychological healing with scope for treating numerous mental health and spiritual conditions such as;  depression, anxiety also issues related to unseen entities (envy, Jinn, evil eye). Tazzkiyah is  based solely on the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet swws.

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