5 Reminders for the Troubled Muslim!

As a Muslim we are living in troubled times. Perhaps it has always been? maybe we just didn’t take any notice before? or maybe we were too young? too wrapped up in ourselves?

Every day the news reports more evil and we as Muslims carry the burden of so many labels its hard to see whats reality and whats illusion. I don’t know about you but this burden can take its toll on our faith (emaan). When we are constantly bullied in the media or by politicians we loose our sense of identity. When our beliefs are attacked we begin to question and if we are not strong enough in our knowledge then we quickly begin to doubt our understanding. When we feel de-humanised we begin to feel like we don’t belong and when we don’t belong we loose hope.   I asked a teacher if he had any advice for those days when we feel lost, confused, challenged or low in emaan power! He gave me these 5 and I would like to share.


Tell yourself this when you or others question your faith…..

1. I know there is a God whom I trust and Love

2. I know there are Prophets who spoke Gods word to us and I love them all and aspire to be like them in character and deeds

3. I know Islam and I have studied it. It amazed me like nothing else and I allow myself to love and trust it. I am in constant search and growth with its wisdom and teaching.

4. I have studied all other options, teachings, religions, philosophies and did not see that they have a better teaching or a better lifestyle, expect what appeals to the desires (alcohol, frivolity, drugs etc) These alternative options offer no real solutions as a mental , spiritual or solid truth.

5. I have experienced at a personal level the benefits, signs and experiences of faith in One God and Islam as my religion enough to know it is the truth.

If we can’t relate to any of these affirmations then this is a good place to start researching and building the fortress for your Muslim identity and faith. For example, if we have a doubt that Islam is the right religion then we need to go out and research again. Don’t be blind, it will get you know where!

An additional piece of advice was offered; ‘Do not use emotions to lead you. Use your mind and objectivity. Do not build assumptions, as they grow and become reality. When you start to believe negative emotions and assumptions (e.g. the world says islam is evil) then this enters the heart and we begin to believe it.’

Let us protect our precious emaan (faith) and keep on learning.

Peace x

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