An Islamic Inspired Approach to Psychotherapy & Training

Salaam Solutions offers an Islamic Inspired approach to Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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Why an Islamic inspired approach to Psychotherapy?

Most of our clients, when asked why they want to see a Muslim therapist say:

‘non-muslim methods of counselling did not connect me with my faith’

‘I felt unable to talk about my beliefs’

‘I want a spiritual approach to understanding my problem’

Although counselling therapies and therapists, muslim or not, promote an empathic, non judging and unconditional positive regard for others, research has found that religious beliefs and cultural differences will sometimes create barriers within the therapeutic relationship if the client/therapist differ in ethnicity, religious belief or culture (Cardo 2014).

What about if I am not a muslim or I struggle to practice Islam?

What is unique about Psychotherapy and Islam is that they both acknowledge that we are not perfect and we all makes mistakes. Islamic healing and psychotherapy are both about knowledge with the intention of gaining awareness of yourself and others in order to  find balance in your life.  An Islamic approach to counselling doesn’t mean you have to be a Muslim, or interested in Islam,  Islam is for all of humanity as is repeated many times in the Quran;

‘…the Quran, a guidance for mankind..’ (2:185)

‘Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!’ (13:28)


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