What clients say

‘I came across Salaam Solutions when I was in an incredibly dark place in my life a year years back. I met with the counsellor over a period of time each week and without her support I can’t imagine how I would have survived. She was able to listen and understand and offer advise and solutions and a way for me to look forward in life. She also helped to build my spiritual foundations which I was in search of at that time in my life. I was very blessed to have come across her and I will always remember the benefit that her therapy sessions had upon my life and gave me the ability to move forward at a pace that was right for me.’  S H

‘I’d never had therapy before so I didn’t really know what to expect at the time and didn’t know whether it would help me. I’m glad I came because it was a real turning point in my adult life. I spent approx. 6 months in talking therapy and after several years I am still benefiting from the experience! The counsellor helped me realise, the problems I had were symptoms of deeper issues that I needed to address. Therapy provided me with the tools I needed to take control of my life!’ A K

” I was in a bad place when i first met the counsellor at Salaam Solutions.  I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me. It felt like she threw me that lifeline  i needed to climb out of my dark bad place. As i continued to see her for regular sessions it became clear to me  what the problems were and how to try and resolve them, it all started to make sense as to why i felt the way i did.  I have become a lot stronger and more aware of the person i am and what i deserve in my life. She is so easy to talk to, a great listener and non-judgemental. I don’t know where i would be without her.  Whatever situation your in, whatever difficulty your going through big or small i would recommend Salaam Solutions without any hesitation.  There are no words to describe how much she has helped me. I feel she saved me from hitting rock bottom’ Anon

‘I was looking for a different approach to my problems. As a new muslim I wanted someone to understand the struggles I was going through in my family relationships. My identity had changed a lot and the therapist  really encouraged me to find myself again, help and move forward. The balance of counselling and spiritual discussions boosted my Emaan and I began to see my tests differently. I really encourage everyone to try opening up to a counsellor, she really supported me when I need it most.’ Joanne

‘…Im not a Muslim, but that didn’t matter, it wasn’t about religion it was about me and I needed to be listened to. I’ve tired CBT but didn’t know what TA or other counselling was like. I found it really informative and helped me understand myself and others . Thank you and I look forward to more sessions with you :)’  K G