Muslim Marriage Counselling



Salaam Solutions provides muslim couples marriage and pre-marriage counselling. The approach draws upon a Systemic theory and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and is inline with the Sunnah.

What to expect in the first session?

The couples meet with the psychotherapist for an initial 1hour 30 minute session where brief information of each person will be dsicussed, such as what the couple expect to achieve from counselling, if they have had counselling before etc. A focus will then be discussed on the objectives of each person towards a mutual positive outcome in their realtionship.

The second appointment will be separate appointment for each client, of one hour each at separate times. This appointment is to discuss anything the client may have not been able to discuss in front of the other, it is also an opportunity for the client to assess if they wish to continue couples counselling or continue with counselling for themselves..

Ongoing counselling sessions

If the couple wish to resume counselling together, sessions will resume weekly for one hour appointments where more insight in to each client’s family and social networks will be explored. This will be a chance for each partner to understand the family historical processes of each other and it may bring about new awareness into current issues.

An expolration of what marriage is and means in Islam will also be explored as well as spirtual development of each person and their relationsip with Allah swt. Some clients may not want to discuss their religious knowledge or beliefs, this is acceptable and  up to the client, it may be worth exploring why this is the case and if this effects the marriage in any way?

The session are explorative rather than directive, the discussions will develop out of curiosity and wonder. Transactional Analysis theory may be used to discover each other’s personality styles and how conflicts arise between each other. Alternative ways of communicating may be discussed and practiced.

Couples counselling can last between 6-12 sessions, some may continue for more.

Couples counselling rates vary in other organisations, expect to pay anything from £40-90 per hour.

Salaam Solutions changes £60 per hour per couple and £40 for individual sessions. 

To make an initial appointment contact Georgina on 07513951531 or email