Georgina Cardo

Asalaam alaikum my name is Georgina Cardo.

I am the founding director of Salaam Solutions.
Since It’s set up in 2015, Salaam Solutions has offered and Islamic Inspired approach to Psychotherapy and also collaborated to provided training and retreats with leading organisations in the field of Islamic Psychology , Tarbiyah and Tazkiyah.

I began training in Psychotherapy after holding a personal interest in self development for many years. I began training in Humanistic Counselling and then clinical training in Transactional Analysis. I also studied Counselling studies at University graduating in 2014 with a 1st class honours BSc in Counselling. I practice an inspired integration of the Islamic traditions of self development (Tazkiyah) with Transactional Analysis psychotherapy. I’m registered to practice as a psychotherapist by the BACP. I have also studied Islamic Sciences with the Marifah Institute. Currently I am researching Islamic inspired integrative psychotherapy at Doctorate level at the Metanoia Institute, whilst I work towards the CTA certified Transactional Analyst exam with UKCP registration. My Islamic learning and teaching has been guided and inspired by scholors in their respective fields.

I also play an active role in the community as a facilitator and speaker at a convert support group And joint host a radio show called “converts in conversation” (BMHC radio Sunday’s 2-4)

Please browse my website for session information, Cost, training courses and events.

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