Salaam Solutions provides a unique approach to counselling and psychotherapy; Transactional Analysis for diagnosing the sate of the self i.e. the Nafs and Tazzkiyah for self transformation and change.


Tazzkiyah is an ancient concept based on; gradual, personal, social and spiritual development using the Quran as a guide. However research, application and teaching the Quran in this way is not as practiced as it once was (Noesis 2016). Centuries of misinterpretation and misuse of the Quran has resulted in a spiritual deficit in Muslims and a distorted worldview of Islam. Our concern at Salaam Solutions is based on treating the psycho-spiritual self , i.e.; purification of the Nafs.

Transactional Analysis psychotherapy is a western based model for diagnosis, and is a helpful tool to aid self awareness of the content and function of our Nafs (personality and self). Once self awareness (muraqaba) begins then thus begins the Tazzkiyah journey of elevation and self purification. Tazzkiyah is presented as a form of psychological healing with scope for treating numerous mental health and spiritual conditions such as; depression, anxiety also issues related to unseen entities (envy, Jinn, evil eye). Tazzkiyah is based solely on the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet swws.

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About Georgina@Salaam Solutions

‘I started Salaam Solutions in 2012 after experiencing a lack of Muslim Therapists within the community. My journey into psychotherapy evolved out a love for understanding people, the world and my role within it. My journey so far  has been down many twists and turns and I have found psychotherapy  a welcome companion. It is my intention to share some of that wisdom in a supportive role as you take your own journey towards change.’

Training and qualifications include;

Advanced Clinical Training in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy (BACP reg) 

BSc Hons in Counselling Studies (1st class). Cert of HE in Person Centered Counselling.

Current Student of;

Certificate in Youth Counselling (pending completion) Institute of Counselling

Islamic concepts of Tazkiyah & Tarbiyah under the guidance of Islamic Scholors that specialise in Tazkiyaht al Nafs (purification of the soul)

Experience includes;

HR & Support Administrator for Masjid Salahadeen al Ayubi in Manchester

Islamic Events and Course orgainsation

CYP practitioner Tameside Oldham & Glossop MIND