Convert Counselling


A7F020F8-7C4D-455F-BF8C-E8E4B5F077E5.pngAsalaam alaikum welcome to Islam!

how has your journey been so far?

When I became Muslim over 14 years ago I could not have anticipated the changes I would make, the sacrifices and the conflicts I would face. Each journey towards Islam, iman and Ihsan is unique and we each bring a whole history of experiences with us. I became a psychotherapist because of my conversion process to Islam and it has been a truly life changing journey. I am currently offering converts to islam and opportunity to explore their experiences and gain awareness of what may hold them back on their journey, how to navigate the difficult times and move closer towards Allah swt.

I am currently conducting doctorate research in psychotherapy looking at the psychological and spiritual process of development and change for converts to Islam. I am offering converts the opportunity to explore their experiences by using the therapeutic space with me. 6 free confidential sessions of psychotherapy will be offered with myself, a trained and registered psychotherapist. The sessions will be recorded and transcribed and used for my research doctorate. The process will include ethical regulations which means your personal information and details will remain anonymous. You will be a participant in the research so will be privy to the recordings and transcripts also analysis before submission to print.

The research is aiming to specifically analyse  stuck psychological process in your conversion and change , referred to as “liminality”. It will be an ideal opportunity to get to the bottom of what you may be finding difficult in your conversion to Islam and how you can transform and transcend this difficulty.

Individual psychotherapy usually costs £40 per session but the 6 sessions shall be free of charge.

Should you wish to benefit I invite you to an initial session to discuss the research and what is required and explore any questions you may have.

I pray that this will benefit you and other converts too. amen.

Georgina Cardo. Bsc Hons. Adv Cert in Psychotherapy. MBACP registered psychotherapist. PhD candidate Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University.