A Sacred Space for Therapy

Lets Create a Sacred Space

‘A sacred space is a stable frame or boundary to facilitate transformation’

Salaam Solutions creates Sacred Spaces in Time and Place that embody Mind, Body and Spirit in the transitional possibilities of self transformation. A therapy space is created with ‘Bismillahirrahmanirrahim’ in heart and mind.

To create and attain your sacred space contact us via the online form.

A walk in the Wilderness

Outdoor Therapy

During the recent pandemic outdoor space is increasingly important for our well-being. A sacred Space can be created in the surrounding countryside, our favourites are Fletcher moss gardens, Abney Hall gardens. You may know of a scared space of your own, the more private the better.

Therapy @ Blend

Above the Town Life

Blend therapy centre is a modern fresh space rising above the hustle and bustle of town life in Sale, Trafford. Availability is flexible. Covid Safety guidelines in place.

Gestalt Centre Fallowfield

Georgian Tradition @ Gestalt

Gestalt Therapy Centre is a beautiful georgian house near the gardens and parks of Fallowfield, Manchester. This traditional house offers a nostalgic, comfortable space of containment with beautiful garden views to reflect with. appointments on request

‘Creating time for myself in my busy life has been just what i needed to connect with my self and soul’


Let’s create meaning together.