I’ve downloaded a prayer call app on my phone which belts out the adthan 5 times a day. This is my reminder to stop what I’m doing, make wudu (the ritual cleanse before prayer) and find a suitably clean quite space to pray. Do I stop what I’m doing and pray? I have to admit, no not immediately because Ive filled my life with a tonne of distractions like; eating, shopping, cooking, cleaning, talking, working, studying, worrying, complaining , you know what I’m saying , right?

There have been times when the call to prayer has saved the day, brought tears to my eyes, filled my heart with joy and I thanked God for everything. But I’ll admit, these times are not 5 times a day every day, they are rare.  I remember meaningful prayers as the times I was either in  need or when I was high on emaan (faith) like; the day I accepted Islam or  the day I asked to be forgiven. Being a non Arabic speaking Muslim my prayers are mostly yoga type movements accompanied by memorised ilegible ramblings of prayers and verses of Quran. I know the translation  of them but rarely do I contemplate the meaning mid prayer. There have been so many wasted prayers, just going through the motions, so it is no wonder that at the end of most prayers I sigh and say ‘forgive me, forgive me, forgive me’.

I reached a point where I needed to reconnect with the meaningful salahs of my early conversion, the experience of really wanting to pray, really needing the prayer. I needed to remember the good times in prayer so I could reconnect again during the bad times. When you experience moments of that indescribable feeling of certainty (yaqeen) this is when your prayer counts and this is the ingredient I yearn for in salah, otherwise know as Khushoo.

In 2010 I attended Prayer Beyond the Motions in Liverpool. Seven years on I’m in need again of that reminder!  Just like the prayer is, a constant reminder of our purpose in life, we all need reminders! Sheikh Abu Nahla has kindly agreed to come to the UK and teach the course 4 times God bless him! 1st stop London, then Cardiff, Manchester and Leeds. If your anything like me, slightly, no actually majorly imperfect in prayer, then I recommend you attend with me all 4! or maybe just in Manchester as Ill be cooking lunch 🙂 (see why I need reminders? I’m always distracted!)

May Allah help us connect to Him through this essential pillar of Islam. Amen

Prayer Beyond the Motions

‘Salah Beyond the Fiqh’

April 1st 2017 @ Salahadeen al Ayubi Mosque Manchester 9.30-7pm

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Saturday 1 April 2017
Time: 9:30 to 7pm
Venue: Masjid Salahadeen al Ayubi
61-63 Ladybarn Lane
Manchester M146YL
Early bird rate – £19
Standard rate – £25
Email: Noesisukmcr@gmail.com
Text enquires: 07513951531
Register here: https://noesisinstitute.com/preregistration.aspx