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February 2017

Is your Prayer often a Mechanical Chore?

I’ve downloaded a prayer call app on my phone which belts out the adthan 5 times a day. This is my reminder to stop what I’m doing, make wudu (the ritual cleanse before prayer) and find a suitably clean quite space to pray. Do I stop what I’m doing and pray? I have to admit, no not immediately because Ive filled my life with a tonne of distractions like; eating, shopping, cooking, cleaning, talking, working, studying, worrying, complaining , you know what I’m saying , right?

There have been times when the call to prayer has saved the day, brought tears to my eyes, filled my heart with joy and I thanked God for everything. But I’ll admit, these times are not 5 times a day every day, they are rare.  I remember meaningful prayers as the times I was either in  need or when I was high on emaan (faith) like; the day I accepted Islam or  the day I asked to be forgiven. Being a non Arabic speaking Muslim my prayers are mostly yoga type movements accompanied by memorised ilegible ramblings of prayers and verses of Quran. I know the translation  of them but rarely do I contemplate the meaning mid prayer. There have been so many wasted prayers, just going through the motions, so it is no wonder that at the end of most prayers I sigh and say ‘forgive me, forgive me, forgive me’.

I reached a point where I needed to reconnect with the meaningful salahs of my early conversion, the experience of really wanting to pray, really needing the prayer. I needed to remember the good times in prayer so I could reconnect again during the bad times. When you experience moments of that indescribable feeling of certainty (yaqeen) this is when your prayer counts and this is the ingredient I yearn for in salah, otherwise know as Khushoo.

In 2010 I attended Prayer Beyond the Motions in Liverpool. Seven years on I’m in need again of that reminder!  Just like the prayer is, a constant reminder of our purpose in life, we all need reminders! Sheikh Abu Nahla has kindly agreed to come to the UK and teach the course 4 times God bless him! 1st stop London, then Cardiff, Manchester and Leeds. If your anything like me, slightly, no actually majorly imperfect in prayer, then I recommend you attend with me all 4! or maybe just in Manchester as Ill be cooking lunch 🙂 (see why I need reminders? I’m always distracted!)

May Allah help us connect to Him through this essential pillar of Islam. Amen

Prayer Beyond the Motions

‘Salah Beyond the Fiqh’

April 1st 2017 @ Salahadeen al Ayubi Mosque Manchester 9.30-7pm

Tickets and registration by clicking here


Saturday 1 April 2017
Time: 9:30 to 7pm
Venue: Masjid Salahadeen al Ayubi
61-63 Ladybarn Lane
Manchester M146YL
Early bird rate – £19
Standard rate – £25
Text enquires: 07513951531
Register here:


Quranic Parenting Intro Mcr April 4th 2017

Quranic Parenting Raising Godly Families

Free Introduction talk @ Salahadeen al Ayubi Mosque

Tuesday April 2017 4th 6-8pm

Online registration required by clicking here


Are you a parent who worries for your children? Do you feel a heavy responsibility towards them? Are you a father carrying inner pain? Are you a mother burdened with guilt? Then this free short introduction talk to this popular parenting course is for you!

Are you recently married? Do you fear marriage because of the duties of parenthood? Will you be a parent soon? Then this course is for you!

Are you a researcher studying the science of raising children successfully? Are you studying child development? Then this course is for you!

Come explore the Quranic view and prophetic guidelines for raising children properly. Gain knowledge of best practices and learn about the tools available to you – all rooted in Quranic wisdom and confirmed by our experiences.

The main 2 day course Topics include:
Introduction to tarbiya (raising) and tazkiya (purification)
The living formula: prioritize avoiding harm over attaining benefits
The ways of Quranic raising
Godly kids and godly families
What to do and what not to do
Measuring effectiveness
Truth versus wisdom
Tools and examples

**This 2 hour free taster intro will talk briefly about the key points of Quranic parenting**
About Course Instructor
Shaykh Abu Nahla has been teaching for 26 years in the field of Dawah and Tarbiya. He studied Islamic Shariah in Palestine and the Sciences of Tasawwuf in both Palestine and Egypt. He obtained several Ijazahs from his well-respected teachers and has become a leading expert in his field. He has also become known for conducting unique Quranic Tarbiya intensives.

Tarbiya touches upon all sciences, including but not limited to Quran, hadith, tasawwuf, and fiqh. While many have never tasted the fruit of tarbiyya because of fear or misconceptions around tassawwuf and Sufism, Shaykh Abu Nahla manages to deliver the best of the fruit in his intensives: the fruit that is aligned with the Quran and Sunnah and bound by Shariah.

He appreciates the truth and studies all facets of the deen to gain a better understanding and obtain the most comprehensive view of Allah’s religion.. Shaykh Abu Nahla’s main concerns are the revival of lost Quranic concepts, the true understanding of Islam, as well as Tarbiya and the sciences of application. He is trying his best to improve the condition of the Ummah by serving the revival of true Islamic concepts.

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